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Crafticy is your go-to destination for craft enthusiasts and designers. We offer a marketplace for selling craft and cut files, making it easy for creators to turn their passion into profit.


craftgiants is where creativity knows no bounds. We provide a vast library of free craft designs and an exclusive membership program, enabling artists and makers to access a world of inspiration.


Profitees brings premium t-shirt designs and mockups to the forefront. With our collection, you can effortlessly elevate your apparel business or personal brand with eye-catching graphics.

pluginno is your source for premium Photoshop actions, overlays, and ready-to-use graphic templates. Our tools empower graphic designers and photographers to transform their work with ease.

About NexBell, Inc.

NexBell, Inc. is a forward-thinking company dedicated to reshaping industries through innovation. With a dynamic portfolio of projects spanning SaaS and graphic design, we’re committed to fueling creativity and providing cutting-edge solutions for creators, businesses, and entrepreneurs.